Finance and Planning Affairs Subcommittee

Sheikh Hasina’s Vision 2041

  • Reducing extreme poverty to 2.55% by 2031
  • Bringing down poverty to 7% by 2031
  • Free education up to 12 years
  • Sustainable energy and infrastructure
  • Per capita income $12500 by 2041
  • Knowledge based State
  • Attaining 9% GDP by 2031
  • 100% literacy by 2041

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A Conversation With Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh

(With Council on Foreign relation at 25th Septermebr 2019)

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Dr. Mashiur Rahman


Dr. Mashiur Rahman

Adviser to the Honorable Prime Minister on Economic Affairs

Waseqa Ayesha Khan


Waseqa Ayesha Khan

Honorable Member of Parliament,
Secretary of Finance and Planning Affairs